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The BookFest - Fall 2021 


Bookstagrammers and Books That Make You





Colorful Book Spines
Colorful Book Spines
Piles of Books

You Are Invited

Sit back, curl up with your furry buddy or text your friends so you can hang out and enjoy The BookFest!


The BookFest is free to attend. Just go to the website and check out the live stream to watch panels and conversations.


Sat., October 23rd is dedicated to readers

Sun., October 24th is dedicated to writers


Enter the Pitching Room!

Authors can submit pitch materials for their manuscripts in an interactive virtual setting brought to you by The BookFest Adventure.


Attendees can also look forward to four conversations, several panel discussions, and live interactive events. 

The BookFest Conversations are intimate discussions with writers and literary leaders. These talks cover the topics of our times as well as provide insights and inspiration to bibliophiles everywhere.


The BookFest Fall 2021 Conversations include:

Lisa Morton, six-time winner of the Bram Stoker Award, Morton’s work has been translated into nearly a dozen languages and she has appeared in numerous documentaries and podcasts. Lisa Morton is also the immediate past president of the Horror Writers Association.

Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, assistant professor of physics, a core faculty member in women’s studies at the University of New Hampshire, and author of The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime, and Dreams Deferred.

Mark K. Shriver, New York Times bestselling author, president of Save the Children Action Network in Washington, D.C. and former Maryland state legislator. Shriver’s latest children’s book is titled 10 Hidden Heroes: A Counting Book with a Message.

Helene Wecker, New York Times bestselling author, her first novel The Golem and the Jinni, was awarded the Mythopoeic Award for Adult Literature, the VCU Cabell Award for First Novel, and the Harold U. Ribalow Prize, and was nominated for a Nebula Award and a World Fantasy Award. The Hidden Palace is the recently released follow-up novel.

Lori H. Schwartz is The BookFest Fall 2021 Keynote Speaker.  Also known as “The Tech Cat”, Schwartz will speak about the convergence of technology and storytelling to kick off The BookFest Adventure.


Poet Debbie Monteggia also joins the opening of the event with a poetry reading. Panel discussions, Live Author Chats and new interactive pitching sessions include an array of authors and experts. The full program will continue to grow and will be announced prior to the event.

Fan-favorites, the Big Bundle of Books Giveaway presented by Books That Make You, the free Virtual Gift Bag for all attendees, and the Live Author Chats, which will be hosted by Scott Ryan and Anastasia Washington, also return. People are encouraged to register for email updates on the website to stay informed, and to join The BookFest Adventure Facebook Group.

Attendees can browse “Virtual Booths”, which are pages for BookFest sponsors, like a physical booth one might find at a festival. There is also a “Books Page” showcasing books from participants. The BookFest organizers encourage attendees to browse books and support the authors and partners who help bring this free-to-attend event to attendees around the globe.

The BookFest is presented by Bookstagrammers, a platform dedicated to book influencers, and by Books That Make You, a bookish brand for bibliophiles.



To stay informed on everything BookFest-related, and to get a free Virtual Gift Bag emailed to you after The BookFest Adventure, sign up for email alerts:


Our Host and AWM SoCal Advisory Board Member, Desireé Duffy, is the Founder of Black Château, a marketing and public relations agency; Books That Make You, a multi-media brand that promotes books and authors through its award-winning website, podcast, and radio show; LA BookFest™, an online bookish adventure that brings together booklovers from around the world, and is the license-holder and lead organizer for TEDxResedaBlvd.

Piles of Books
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